What Is A Space Heater, And What Are The Different Types Of Technologies Used In Space Heaters?

The space heaters are the things which the name suggests itself that they heat the spaces. There are so many different sizes from which you can choose the space heaters. The space heaters are generally used in order to heat the rooms and areas which are smaller if we compare it to the entire house.

If we see the size of the space heaters, then they can provide effective and efficient heating of the room if we compare it to the heat provided by the central heating system.

Convection heaters

The convection heaters are the process in which the water and air molecules come in contact. This is done with the help of the heating element that causes the molecules to warm up, and then they start to expand. When these molecules warm up and expand, then they rise also.

These molecules basically displace the cold molecules which are present in the room, and they force them down toward the heating element. This cycle is a continuous cycle that created warmth and heat through the room. The different types of convection space heaters are oil-filled heaters, ceramic heaters, water heaters, fan heaters, and furnace heaters.

Radiant heaters

These are the heaters that provide heat by using the infrared radiation that is absorbed by the clothing and the kin immediately. The radiant heaters are one of the best choices for the outdoors or poorly insulated areas. It is a kind of campfire, and it is so effective in providing heat.

This heat is different from the convection heaters because they are not affected by the water or air that is traveling through. The waves of these heaters move in a straight line and directly to your skin and clothes.

These are the heaters that start providing heat very quickly, and there are several types of heaters that come with this technology, like electric radiant heaters, radiant gas heaters, floor radiant heaters, radiant panels, etc.

Micathermic heaters

The mica thermic heaters are also known as the combination space heaters because they are a combination of convection and radiant heat. It has the heating elements in it, but they don’t have the fan thing.

Since it uses both methods of providing heat, so this feature makes these types of heaters that are extremely efficient. These sheets of mica are just so amazing type of heat conductors.

It can be heated to your desired temperature. It generates the electrothermic rays, which rays the heat in the room. This heat is very fast, efficient and it is so relaxing. The heating element that is present in these space heaters is like radiant heat, while the convection feature of it eliminates the need to have a fan.

The bottom line

Till now, you might have become familiar with the different types of heating technology that are used in space heaters. So, you can choose the one which best satisfies your needs and requirements.

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