How to play the Pokemon go game on your smartphone?

One of the most engaging and fun games ever released in online gaming, and It’s called Pokemon Go. With this game, you can catch and play with Pokemon anywhere in the world on your smartphone. Pokemon go a brand new game that has been developed in collaboration with Niantic. The game combines GPS, real-world location data, graphics, and Augmented Reality to create an immersive gaming experience for players.

If you want to get started playing this exciting new game, there are some things you need to know, and the things are, the first thing you need is a smartphone to play that has an excellent internet connection and sufficient ram and Bluetooth system. The game is available for free, but be aware of in-game ads and in-app purchases; some players may have spent real money on the game to speed up their progress through it, but if you want a high-level account, you can buy from a pokemon go account for sale.

How To Register A Account?

The first thing you should do is download the game from its official App Store page. It takes two minutes or less to install. After downloading the game software, you will be asked to create an account. To create an account, you need An email address. If you want to play long-term, you should give your actual email address because your game data is safe whenever you enter that email. Another option is to verify your mobile phone number.

Your mobile phone number is used to identify you in the game, and if someone else picks up a device running this game, your phone number can be used to verify that it belongs to you. You can verify and change your mobile phone number at any time on the settings page of the game. Using another phone or tablet with this app is not allowed and may result in the termination of your account.

How To Play?

The first time you play Pokemon Go, you can choose one of three teams: Team Valor, Team Mystic, or Team Instinct. Each team has unique gameplay and strategies to win the battle. Pokemon Go utilizes the real world and your smartphone to bring you a world of pocket monsters to capture, battle, train, and trade. You will be able to find your favorite Pokemon species just about anywhere outside – in parks, at businesses, on public transport, and even walking down the street.

Experience Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go is a game within a game. There’s no difference, gameplay-wise, between the game you’re playing on your phone and the augmented reality you’re experiencing. Of course, your experience will vary according to how good your phone’s camera is. Keep an eye out for exciting landmarks neighbors may know about; they’ll show up in augmented reality when you approach them.

Now you can play the Pokemon go game on your smartphone, and if you want to better experience and win almost every battle, you buy an account from the Pokemon go account for sale.

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