Are you scared of increasing crime rates nowadays? Do you feel that your home is not safe if you’re out for a meeting? If these are some of your concerns and you are always worried about them, then it is time to breathe free. It is high time that you get yourself protected with smart home security devices. Moreover, a house is never complete until it has its security system. And no matter what security of your family is of utmost importance.

Though many people hire guards to look after their homes, it is way too expensive nowadays. Also keeping a guard can be risky if you don’t do a proper background check before hiring them. That being said, here is good news for you that there is a list of amazing smart devices to keep your house safe.

Though searching for the right one for your house can be a tiring task, but we have done some research here and curated a list of 5 best home security tools:


This 6-in-1 keyless smart lock comes with dual data encryption that makes it impossible to unlock without your permission. It has an auto-lock feature and fingerprint or anti-peep keypad system which makes a lot more secure from any intrusion. For ease, you can share access to your family members by an e-code.


With a built-in motion sensor alarm, the wi-fi sends a signal to your smartphone whenever any motion is detected and saves a video clip to the cloud. It is a battery-powered wireless security system with a “Live view” streaming option. The best part is its free cloud storage of previous recordings.


 It is tested and proven to be 10x more durable than a standard deadbolt lock. It is fixed on the floor from which a wedge rises to prevent any unwanted break-in. It is way too simple to install and equally easy to use, step on the locking wedge to unlock the door.


This light camera works using the Dusk to Dawn technology. Its water glass finish makes it a wise option for decoration outdoors. While on the other hand, its motion sensor keeps your mind at peace, as it detects any motion the flame bulb deactivates and switches on the security light thereby alarming you. You would surely love this product with its fantastic design and high-security features. 

  1. X-sense SMOKE DETECTOR:

Not only from unwanted thefts but your home also need protection from accidental fire. What could be more fitting than a fire alarm to warn you about the mishap? It is a highly accurate and reliable security alarm equipped with both photoelectric smoke sensor and electrochemical CO sensor. It detects all kinds of fires and alarms you when the concentration reaches its threshold.

With evolving technology, home security systems are getting updated every day and pushing the bar too high. But rather than hiring a security guard or getting CCTV cameras installed at the cost of hefty money, it is quite more comfortable to get smart security tools for your home. Though finding one on your own can be cumbersome, but we hope that this guide will meet your demands.

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