Titanic; the unsinkable, as the builder claimed, was launched on 31st May of 1911 for the first time. About 300K people went out to see the launch of this ship, the British Passenger Liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean during the dawn of 15th April 1912.

Even if the ship sank, claiming more than 1500 lives, perishing them under the wreckage, her legacy still continues. It was a royal mail ship, but even after 108 years of the wreckage, the postal team never tried to recover mails, telegrams, or money orders.

 However, there are still lesser-known facts about the so-claimed unsinkable:

  • It was not unsinkable:

According to the White Star Line builders, the Titanic ship had 16 watertight compartments. It remotely activated watertight doors below the waterline to keep the ship afloat even in harsh conditions but as fate would know, the towering Greenlander Iceberg of 1942 collided to the starboard side of the side, destroying six consecutive compartments. Around 7ft of water filled the first compartment.

  • There were lesser lifeboats:

For a ship that could contain more than 3000 people aboard, there were only 20 lifeboats, which could carry only a third of the third population. However, only 705 of 1178 boarded the lifeboats. 2 of 9 canines were saved.

  • Injustice while saving lives:

Nobody was given clear-cut instructions about how to use the lifeboats. Women and children from the first and second class were prioritized while their males were boarded to the life-saving decks. The third-class passengers had to fend themselves off. Most of the corpses haven’t been discovered yet.

  • Sank for 70 years:

The exact location of the wreckage was unspecified for more than 70 years. A senior scientist from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and a French Scientist’s team from IFREMER succeeded in discovering the ship’s boilers after 73 years of the wreckage, using an ROV. The hull, trails, if wine bottles, platters, bedsprings bedded 2.4miles below the surface were surfaced to the world on 1st September 1985.

  • Expensive and Polluting to Operate:

The titanic consumed around 600tons of coals to operate each day, which released 100 tons of ashes into the ocean. About 170 workers were in charge of keeping the ship running.

  • The Blue Sapphire:

Even though thousands of artifacts and precious jewelry were discovered, the Blue Sapphire pendant is just fictional. Most of the jewelry was auctioned or sold away.

  • The Fat Cat:

John Jacob Astor IV was the richest passenger on-board, worth of approximately $2B today. Legend has it that he asked for ice cubes before the ship hit the iceberg. He called it ridiculous!

  • The Youngest Dean:

Millvina Dean was just 2 months young when she boarded the ship. She lived with the legacy of surviving a legendary ship-wreck for 97 years when she died on 31st May 2009.

There are hundreds of thousands of facts about the RMS Titanic ship. Some were discovered with time; some were legendary, and some are still undiscovered.  One was a Pomeranian and the other was a Pekingese. About a dozen films were made based on the ship, but James Cameron’s 1997 Titanic was the most successful. It grossed more than JJ Astor IV’s net-worth and won 11 Oscars.

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